WHAT?? One Man Show “AvMo” Drops ANOTHER New Tune: “Streets of Barcelona”

VMers, check out this brand new piece of music! I am very excited to share this fresh original tune AvMo wrote about Barcelona. Strangely enough, it was his newly purchased Portuguese guitar from Lisbon (also called fado guitar), and of course his recent visit to Barcelona, that inspired the music he wrote about this Spanish city. The great fado playing is so appropriate with the feel and vibes of this Spanish city he so successfully captured.

Accompanying the clean, great sounding production of AvMo’s heart warming song about Barcelona is a well put together slide show presentation. You’ll enjoy the spectacular visuals taken from AvMo’s collection of photographs he took while in Barcelona.

The visuals, lyrics, the amazingly sweet sounds of the really impressive Portuguese guitar playing take you right there waltzing through and absorbing the history, people, food, and culture of the Streets of Barcelona. You can really feel the emotion in the vocals, the passion and inspiration AvMo has for the historically beautiful, ancient, and vibrant city.

“Streets of Barcelona” is a classic pop rock tune. As with all of AvMo’s music, the voice is warm and charming, and draws you right into the heart of the song from the very start. It’s AvMo’s soundtrack to the streets of Barcelona! And of course I have to point out that I am always amazed by AvMo’s creative, very creative in fact, songwriting talent. I am happy to report too that the song is sitting at Number 1 on Soundclick Rock Charts.

Morris Avrashi, a Montreal electrical engineer, and also a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, is known as AvMo in the music scene. He has been writing his own music since 1976, having been in the bands Dusty Vinyl, Can Of Worms, and Vinyl Frontier. He’s also President of the Lakeshore Ballroom Dance Club!

AvMo’s music is very diverse, crossing a number of different genres as he changes styles from song to song following his muse. But his main foundation lies in classic rock, and his own original music has been shaped by the sounds of the seventies. His influences are the Stones, Pink Floyd, Aerosmith, April Wine, Queen, Styx, Cream, Eric Clapton, etc. He has covered and performed classic songs like “Love in Vain,” “I Shot the Sheriff,” and “Rikki Don’t Lose that Number.”

You can check out the song here, https://www.mixposure.com/avmo/youtube/5187/streets-of-barcelona.

For more AvMo, visit his website at www.soundclick.com/avmo

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Congrats on this work of art AvMo!

Posted by Morris Avrashi on Saturday, November 17, 2018