15 Amazing Restaurants in Toronto

Toronto’s Best Restaurants that’ll make you drool

When people think of Toronto, they usually picture a metropolis with an expansive skyline, where everyone is busy all the time. Even though there is some truth to it… that doesn’t mean Torontonians don’t know their cuisine.

Toronto is considered to be a melting pot of cultures, where a big chunk of the population is born outside of Canada. This ensures that the City has something for everyone.

Its unique amalgamation of culture makes Toronto a hotbed for the brave explorers of culinary treasures, with an abundance of flavors and aromas. Planning a gastronomical journey through Toronto’s restaurants and bars, but are confused about restaurants to try in Toronto, our comprehensive list will surely help you make better decisions.

Irrespective of what your preferences are, Toronto offers a wide range of culinary experiences, including (but not limited to) Italian restaurants, Japanese restaurants, fast-food restaurants, cafes & restaurants with live music, to name a few.

A short list of the restaurants, café’s and more to try.
1. Egg Bae

First on the list is an ideal breakfast restaurant called Egg Bae, where the bae is short for ‘Before All Else’.
As their name suggests, Egg Bae is an eatery specializing in breakfast sandwiches, with a focus on egg-based delicacies.

If you’re a conscious consumer and make well-informed decisions in regards to health and food, you will love these guys.  Egg Bae uses organic, free-range eggs along with the freshest of ingredients.
Even their menu sounds amazing! Some top picks from Egg Bae’s menu include the Bae Don’t Kale My Vibe, the Seaside Bae, and the Eh Bae Bae.

Wow! We’re already hungry! What about you?



2. Carousel Bakery

If you want to grab a quick bite, and are looking for something simple, yet satisfying, head over to Carousel Bakery.

Their Pea meal Bacon sandwich is a must-try, which is basically ham wrapped in their specially baked bread.

This bakery is pretty famous, and finding this place will not be a problem at all if you’re around St. Lawrence Market.
Take the time to discover and visit St.Lawrence Hall

3. Bar Raval

Now, moving on to the exquisite… Bar Raval is a Barcelona-inspired pintxo bar with fine wine, drinks, and cocktails. With chic decor & a smooth-as-jazz ambiance, Bar Raval will surely keep bringing you back.



4. Balzac’s

For the coffee lover in you, visit any of the 17 distinct branches of Balzac’s, where they strive to express and engage through their cafes, and not just their premium roasted coffee. Add them to your weekly grind, as the would say.

Founded in Stratford, Ontario in 1996, the cafe chain has grown significantly and garnered a loyal following of coffee lovers from all across Canada.

By the way! If you want, you can purchase the great coffee Balzac’s roasters online 
They even have cool merchandise available for online purchases, if you’d like to join their community.

5. Uno Mustachio

Are you a fan of Italian restaurants?

Established in 1984, Uno Mustachio offers authentic Italian sandwiches and pasta and thrives to offer cuisine made from fresh ingredients.
Their homemade sauces add an extra tang of wholesome goodness, which makes the experience here, even more memorable.

6. Famiglia Baldassarre

Continuing the Italian fever is Famiglia Baldassarre. Although they mainly focus on making retail pasta, you can grab a bite at their restaurant between Tuesdays & Friday, from 12 pm to 2 PM.

Italian authenticity at its best.

7. Hunters Landing

An open concept restaurant, Hunter’s Landing offers a wide range of vegan & gluten-free options. Their bar features exclusive wines and cocktails.

If you want a stylish atmosphere with a casual yet refined dining experience, Hunter’s Landing is the perfect place for you.

8. Moonbean Coffee

Coffee-lovers, please take notice. Moonbean Coffee offers a homely vibe with great coffee. Their Small Batch Coffee Roasting process ensures that all their beverages are of the best quality and give you the caffeine kick you’re looking for.
They even have a fine selection of savories and sandwiches, if you want something with that Americano.

We guess you need a pizza break now!



9. Goodfellas Wood Oven Pizza

Want some original Neopolitan-style wood oven Pizza? Visit Goodfellas Wood Oven Pizza for the Real Deal.

Their traditional, homemade Italian recipes are made from a rustic flavor, found in the south of Rome.

This southern Italian pizzeria also offers exclusive Italian wines, salads & other Italian-inspired dishes. Head over to this joint, if you want a taste of Italy in Canada.

10. Auberge du Pommier

Offering a premium french dining experience, Auberge du Pommier is one of North York’s best fine dining restaurants.

It’s constructed around the rustic remains of two 1860’s woodcutters’ cottages, which gives it that old-world charm, combined with contemporary sophistication.

With an elegant atmosphere, the restaurant serves traditional French cuisine, with an innovative North American approach.

11. The Dime

Looking for inexpensive restaurants that offer great food at wallet-friendly prices? Head over to The Dime, where you get delicious meals starting at $5.95, and the menu consists of savory burgers, mouth-watering soft tacos, and healthy salads.

Want to binge on a budget? You can’t go wrong with The Dime!

12. Eggspectation

A restaurant, cafe, and bar, Eggspectation has something for everyone.

For 25 years, so they know what they are doing, whether it’s French toast, French crepes, fluffy buttermilk pancakes, Belgian waffles, pasta, burgers, seafood, or steak… the restaurant’s expansive and diverse range of culinary treats leaving you delighted and full.

13. Pantheon Restaurant

Anybody looking for authentic, Greek cuisine should head over to the Pantheon Restaurant, where they offer a wide range of Greek delicacies.

The family run restaurant has been serving customers since 1997, they will surely satisfy your hankering for delightful Greek cuisine.



14. The Keg Steakhouse

The Keg Steakhouse and Bar is the perfect place to meet friends for chit-chat and a relaxed evening with drinks, high-quality appetizers, bowls, desserts, and more.

Their wide range of meals makes them the perfect spot to eat and enjoy a good time and with a satisfied feeling. Go out and do not forget to Reserve your table and enjoy!

15. Queen Mother Cafe

Head over to the Queen Mother Cafe if you want to taste the best of Laotian and Thai dishes.
Housed in a historical 165+-year-old building, the restaurant offers a unique Asian culinary experience with premium range of drinks, that makes this restaurant a top choice for food lovers.

Toronto offers a wide palette of flavors from around the world, and that makes it a food lover’s paradise.
We hope this short list of restaurants in Toronto, will make you want to discover more of the restaurants in the GTA.
You want to keep discovering restaurants, in Canada and other parts of the world, we’ll be adding other cities or restaurant styles on regular basis, do come back to our blog for new articles.

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Keep exploring. Keep life flavourful.


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