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5 Best Spots for Italian Cuisine in Toronto

estaurants that prove Italian cuisine is the best in the world

Bravissimo! Ottimo! Eccezionale!

These are but, some of the many expressions you hear, after tasting world-class Italian cuisine. The simplicity, taste, and freshness of ingredients used in Italian recipes are what make Italian cuisine unique. The juicy tomatoes, fresh bread, mozzarella & parmesan, all add a zing of magic to Italian cuisine. Add to that, its affordability and you have a cuisine that’s popular all over the world. You might be on a food tour in Toronto, and you might be wondering: ‘What is traditional Italian cuisine like?’ or ‘Which Italian cuisine is the best?’

Don’t worry. Our short list of some of the best Italian restaurants in Toronto will surely satisfy your hunger for great Italian cuisine. So, without any further ado, let’s get started with the list.

1. Little Anthony’
Little Anthony’s is a colorful osteria for traditional Italian recipes and also has a diverse availability of wines. They offer a good selection of international beers. If you are looking to experience Italian hospitality and contemporary Italian cuisine, head over to this fabulous restaurant with an airy decor. You can enjoy their modern twists on traditional Italian dishes that will transport you to Italy. Why wait! reserve your table and enjoy a good time

2. Grazie Ristorante
A relaxed & vibrant restaurant that serves Pasta, pizza & other Italian favorites, Grazie Ristorante is the perfect place to chill with friends and family. Savor the spirit of Italian culture and cuisine at this homely restaurant where you are bound to have a good time, and make warm memories.

3. Bar Buca Italian-style snack bar in the King West neighborhood, Bar Buca’s creative menu is meant for those who love to experiment. Their carefully crafted, artisanal fare includes house-cured meats, pasta, and pizza with a contemporary culinary twist. Dine under the high ceilings of the restaurant’s industrial-chic dining hall. Buca is a restaurant that balances the new and the old.

4. Stelvio
Stelvio is an authentic Italian restaurant that serves classic Italian fare made using traditional recipes and ingredients. Some of the top picks from this restaurant include Italian braised Ossobuco, deep-fried meatballs, homemade potato gnocchi, and rabbit casserole. The friendly staff make the experience even more memorable, while you enjoy refined wine choices and their delectable meals, so reserve your table now!

5. Blu Ristorante
blu-ristorante-italian-restaurant-toronto-credit-from-yellowpages.caA romantic atmosphere, coupled with live ambient music on select nights, makes this restaurant a must-visit. Enjoy Blu Ristorante’s contemporary Italian dishes in a soothing atmosphere. The restaurant is housed in a Victorian building with two floors of dining space and a large side and front patio. This restaurant has become a staple in Toronto over the last 14 years. Enjoy a great atmosphere and service, make a reservation without further delay

You want to know why Italian cuisine is so popular,  these restaurants are sure to provide you with satisfying answers. Enjoy some of the best Italian cuisines in Toronto, from some of the most authentic creators of Italian cuisine in the country. If you want to explore more cuisines, events, and festivals, be sure to check out SpotEv, where we help you make better decisions in terms of travel, food, and culture.

Enjoy the Italian culinary discoveries of Toronto!

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