Sherbrooke often goes unnoticed by the radars of savvy explorers and travelers. Yes, the city might n" /> Sherbrooke often goes unnoticed by the radars of savvy explorers and travelers. Yes, the city might n" />

6 Spots in Sherbrooke to Revisit the Town’s History

Sherbrooke museums, and why you should visit them

The quaint town of Sherbrooke often goes unnoticed by the radars of savvy explorers and travelers. Yes, the city might not have gigantic buildings or attractions like Montreal & Toronto, but the richness and true value lies in the town’s history and the stories of the triumphant settlers, who turned this town into their cozy home. The welcoming & warm town of Sherbrooke is home to Universities, both English & French. This brings great diversity to the town in the form of students & immigrants.

In this article, we’ll share with you five different locations that will enlighten you with the town’s unknown stories. They will also provide a clearer picture of how this strongly knit community came to be. This is why museums are essential. They act as time capsules, preserving the local culture beautifully and magnificently, for generations to come. As you walk through these historical hotbeds, you will soon realize that the term ‘Museums can change lives’ holds true. You will start seeing the town of Sherbrooke in a new light. And probably make many more trips to this wonderful suburb.

So, let’s take you through these spectacular buildings that’ll make your visit to Sherbrooke, even more, richer.

1. Musee de la nature et des sciences
The Musée de la nature et des sciences de Sherbrooke, formerly known as the Musée du Séminaire de Sherbrooke until 2002, is a natural history and science museum, overlooking the Magog River. It houses a collection of over 65,000 artifacts and specimens, that represent the diversity of flora and fauna found in Quebec, Canada as well as other areas of North America and the world. Musée-de-la-nature-et-des-sciences-de-Sherbrooke-credit-from-website-latribune.caTheir specimens include reptiles, amphibians, fish, archaeological items, around 4,000 kinds of birds, 1,000 animal and plant fossils, 30,000 invertebrates, 500 mammals, 2,000 plants, 4000 minerals & rocks, 250 fungi, and also various scientific instruments and other objects. The museum has won several awards in tourism and culture, too. Their dedicated team offers various services, such as field trips, parties for children, conferences, and a lot more. This keeps the passion for the natural sciences alive.

2. Musée des beaux-arts de Sherbrooke
The Musée des beaux-arts de Sherbrooke aims to present the visual arts created by Quebec and the Eastern Townships artists. Their extensive collection consists of more than 5,500 works by approximately 950 artists that represent various disciplines. Musée-des-beaux-arts-de-Sherbrooke-credit-from-website-artmagazine.caThe Museum also organizes quite a few innovative art shows. The Musée des beaux-arts de Sherbrooke’s educational programs allow viewers to learn about art. Their programs increase the audience’s understanding of the artistic process and creativity. Housed in a spectacular heritage building, the architectural genius of the museum will enthrall you too.

3. Centre Marie-Léonie Paradis
Dedicated to the 19th-century Roman Catholic Nun, Alodie-Virginie Paradis, this museum aims to shower its visitors with the merciful and compassionate stories of this woman of God, and founder of the Little Sisters of the Holy Family, through objects she used, photographs, and texts. This institution also allows for prayers, which have been known to bring peace and comfort to the visitors. Upon entering the museum, you start a “self-guided” tour of the four thematic alcoves that recount the life of Mother Marie-Leonie. A very different experience from other museums that offer a variety of art, relics, and natural history, this shrine is for those, who wish to commune with the Almighty, through his messenger of love and peace.

4. Historical Interpretation Center of Sherbrooke
One of the best places in the town to learn about the history of the suburb and the Eastern Townships, Sherbrooke Historical Interpretation Centre houses a permanent exhibition that encompasses two centuries of history: From 1802 to 2002. They also offer tours and interactive activities for an engaging experience for the visitors. The organization’s mission is to preserve the local heritage and promote Sherbrooke’s history. Walking down this part of town, you will also witness stunning visuals, that’ll transport you to another timeline. If you prefer exploring a place through its streets and urban culture, the Historical Interpretation Center of Sherbrooke will surely amaze you.

5. Uplands Cultural & Heritage Centre
Housed in a palatial Neo-Georgian building, that was built in 1862, the Uplands Cultural and Heritage Centre is aimed at preserving the cultural heritage and traditions of the Eastern Townships. Its beguiling atmosphere is a testament to the lifestyle of its residents from the past. Uplands-Cultural-and-Heritage-Centre-Sherbrooke-credit-from-website-keroul.qc.caHere, you will find antiques from the Sherbrooke Historical Society and the Lennoxville-Ascot museum’s collection. There are also gardens and forests in the surrounding area, which add to the charm. You can also treat yourself to some pure British delicacies such as tea, pastries, scones, Devonshire cream, and a lot more. The Uplands Cultural and Heritage Centre also exhibits artworks from both local and regional artists. They also host concerts and art workshops.

6. Musée d’histoire de Sherbrooke
Founded in March 1927, the Musée d’histoire de Sherbrooke (Mhist) is recognized as one of the most significant & largest historical society in Québec. The dynamic efforts & activities of the museum team have cemented the uniqueness of the venue in the hearts of visitors & history buffs. The Mhist team hosts a diverse and innovative range of activities, both within its premises and in other venues. To not visit this gem of a venue would be a missed opportunity for those who wish to learn about Sherbrooke.

If you truly want to get to know Sherbrooke, and its triumphant past, these museums would be the best sources to gather knowledge. These venues will expand your learning about the town. We are sure, that after your visits to these quaint museums, you will come to appreciate the town of Sherbrooke. You will also understand the culture of the Eastern Townships, more profoundly. Here is another blogger’s view of Sherbrooke’s with street art history. The blog is French, but, you’ll understand easily what Annie Anywhere is talking about. This should give you another taste and reason of wanting to discover Sherbrooke.

And, if you wish to complete your experience, by enjoying a delicious meal, or maybe fuelling up before your visits, be sure to check out our list of restaurants in Sherbrooke as well. At SpotEv, we wish to make your travel experiences more complete, and hassle-free. Do check out our blog for more such travel ideas.

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