8 Best Street Markets to Visit in Montreal 2022

Where are the best street markets in Montreal?

The gentle sounds of chatter, the aromas of fresh produce, the feeling of calm: Street markets have been providing the world with places to socialize, conduct commerce, and take care of daily needs.

They are also an interesting place for tourists, where they can discover the local culture through food, art, and clothing.

Keeping that spirit in mind, here’s a list of different types of street markets in the city of Montreal that will take you on a journey of discovery through the eating habits and local culture of Quebec.

And if you are wondering what street markets are open in the city of Montreal, or when the street markets will open, you have come to the right place. Our list will make it easier for you to decide which street market will be best for you, in terms of the location and the products that they sell.

So, let’s begin our tour through the nooks and corners of Montreal, teeming with life, shall we?

1. Maisonneuve Market

Originally opened in 1912, the Maisonneuve Market still holds its importance for the Hochelaga-Maisonneuve borough.

The market is a specialty for spices, fruits & vegetables, cheese, and maple goodies.
Don’t forget to make a wish at the fountain topped with a bronze statue of a basket-carrying farmer sculpted by Alfred Laliberté. You can reach the market from Pie-IX and Viau stations on the Montreal Metro’s Green Line.

2. Marché des Éclusiers ‘What do street markets sell?’, you might be wondering.

One of the best places to be, in Old Montreal, during the summers, Marché des Éclusiers offers a multitude of staples, starting from microgreens, croissants, baguettes, spices & cherries, and unprocessed honey.

You can even enjoy brunch at restaurants that serve delicious delicacies like fish & chips, poutine, and grilled barbeque.

Another great activity to do here is to enjoy the view of the iconic Silo number 5.

3. Solidaire Frontenac Market

Located in Place du Marché near Métro Frontenac, the Solidaire Frontenac Market is a 12-year-old community market, organized by Carrefour Alimentaire Centre-Sud. This community aims to put the spotlight on local and affordable products. They also conduct workshops that cover a wide range of topics like gardening, pizza-making, and other food-centric processes.

4. Jean-Talon Market

Boasting of being the largest market in Montreal, Jean-Talon Market has been serving customers since 1933 with the best regional produce of fruits, vegetables, meats, and seafood. The market is home to more than 150 shops that offer the best from Quebec farms.

Visit this market if you want the choicest sweet corn, blueberries, tomatoes, maple treats, cured meats, and cider.


5. Le Vrac Du Marché Atwater

The Atwater Market is one of Montréal’s busiest farmer markets and well worth the visit for its atmosphere and local, fresh produce and food specialties.

The markets host vendors who sell everything from fruits, vegetables, cheese, flowers, meats, seafood, and baked specialties.

You can also get maple syrup and candies, dried wild blueberries, and the best homemade fruit jams. The restaurants and cafés here sell delicious pastries as well.





6. Marché Fermier

Visit Marché Fermier if you want to taste savory tarts, get wholesome cheese, or stock yourself up with high-quality grains.  The market brings the best of Montreal’s surrounding farms to the city. 

You can also buy highly specialized wares created by local artisans.

7. The Concordia Farmer’s Market

Get your fill of organic greens, vegan desserts, and honey from the Concordia Farmer’s Market.

You can also browse through potted plants, from the agricultural cooperative HydroFlora Concordia.

This market also offers workshops on a variety of food-related topics as well.

8. Jean-Brillant Neighbourhood Market

Since 1980, the Jean-Brillant Neighbourhood Market at the corner of Jean-Brillant and Côte-des-Neiges has been offering fresh flowers, veggies, and fruits to Montrealers.

A must-visit if you are looking for fresh apples, the market also offers garden greens, pumpkins, maple taffy, and homemade Quebec honey as well.

When it comes to markets with fresh produce, Montreal is nothing short of paradise. Not only do they open up the opportunity for commerce, for the local farmers, but they also provide an exquisite experience to tourists and travelers as well.

These markets ensure that locally grown, healthy crops are given their due importance and they also promote the local culture.

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Until next time, Au Revoir.

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