Top 5 Comedy Clubs in Montreal

Some of the most popular comedy clubs in the city of Montreal for Side-Splitting Laughs

Who doesn’t like a good laugh? Especially, at a time when we all need a break from our everyday lives. Therefore, what better way to have a good laugh than by visiting some of the biggest comedy clubs in the country? A good set at one of these comedy clubs can lift your mood, reduce stress levels and even change your opinions on a subject. That’s the magic of humor. And the cultural capital of Canada, Montreal is a mecca for stand-up comedy in North America. Montreal was the birthplace of the Just for Laughs Festival (JFL) or Le Festival Juste pour Rire (JPR) in French. The Festival grew with the comedian tours, and the gags and saw many young comedians gain international acclaim.

Our list will take you through some of the most popular comedy clubs in the city. This will make your search for the perfect laugh, much easier.

1. La Comédie de Montréal 
First, on our list, we have La Comédie de Montréal – a small theatre dedicated to French stand-up and Vaudeville comedy. La-comedie-de-montreal-comedy-club-credits-from-website-yellowpages.caThis friendly venue follows the tradition of the cafe-theatre culture, with an intimate 119-seater setting. Moreover, you can also enjoy a drink at their bar, while you enjoy one of their productions or a stand-up gig.

2. Mtlcomedyclub
One of Montreal’s premier destinations for comedy, the Mtlcomedyclub offers great food as well. Presenting five shows a week, the club hosts open mics on Mondays & Wednesdays. The club has also hosted some of the biggest names in comedy like Aziz Ansari, Sugar Sammy, Eman & DeAnne Smith, to name a few.

3. The Comedy
The Comedy Nest is an internationally renowned English stand-up comedy club, with an intimate, cabaret-style setting. This venue has hosted some of the funniest comics in the world. It’s also surrounded by lots of restaurants. The Comedy Nest has been named one of the top 15 comedy clubs in North America.

4. Le Bordel Comedie Club 
This club is situated in a building, that used to be a brothel, thus the french name Le Bordel. Le Bordel Comedy Club offers two rooms with an intimate experience for French comedy lovers. Le-bordel-comedy-club-montreal-credits-from-website-comtoisdesign.comHere, you can enjoy five stand-up comedians in a single evening, without any interruptions. It’s also a great place to discover upcoming comedians.

5. The ComedyVille 
A club that specializes in theme-based acts & professional comedy events, the ComedyVille is the perfect place to catch seasoned comics present their best. Planning to organize a show for corporate or personal events? These guys can link you up with the best comics in Montreal. as well. They also offer great pizza, pasta, and a wide variety of Pub-style preparations. So, if you’re hungry for tasty treats & a good laugh, the ComedyVille is the place to be.

If you’re looking for a fun-filled evening with laughter and unique insights, Montreal has a lot to offer. But starting on this journey of discovering comics can seem intimidating at first, especially if you are new to the city. We understand this very well. This is why we, at SpotEv continuously bring the best venues and events in the country, to the forefront. That’s because we believe that exploring a place should be as easy as tapping your phone screen.

Peace & Laughter!

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